Sunday, 3 December 2006

How Last Week's Top 10 Did This Week

In advance of this coming Tuesday's final CIS Top 10 poll for calendar year 2006, here's a review of how last week's Top 10 teams did in their final games before the holiday break (team record vs. CIS and in league play in parethesis):

1. Carleton (16-0, 8-0) defeated Lakehead 99-70 and McMaster 83-69 at home
2. UBC (16-0, 11-0) defeated #3 Victoria 78-73 at home
3. Victoria (13-3, 10-1) lost at #2 UBC 78-73
4. StFX (9-1, 4-1) Did not play
5. Ottawa (16-1, 7-1) defeated McMaster 77-74 and Lakehead 99-55 at home
6. Windsor (9-3, 6-2) lost at York 81-63 and won at Laurentian 85-70
7. Concordia (7-1 ,5-0) won at McGill 88-71 and defeated Bishop's 78-69 at home
8. Brandon (14-2, 8-2) lost to Winnipeg 76-75 at home and won at Winnipeg 74-69
9. Brock (12-4, 5-3) defeated Queen's 67-46 and RMC 88-71 at home
10. Cape Breton (8-5, 4-1) did not play

Other teams receiving votes: York (10-5, 6-2, beat Windsor, lost to Western both at home; Toronto (8-5, 4-4, lost at Waterloo, won at Laurier; Queen's (10-4, 5-3, lost at Brock, won at Guelph), Alberta (8-5, 7-3 swept Lethbridge at home), McMaster (8-7, 3-5, lost at Ottawa and lost at Carleton).

Comments: Victoria's 3 losses were to Windsor (neutral site), at Carleton and at UBC. X's only loss was at Cape Breton. Ottawa's only loss was at Windsor. Concordia's only loss was at home against Laurentian. Windsor's losses have been at Carleton, at home against Carleton and at York. Brandon's losses were at Trinity Western and at home against Winnipeg.

Opinion: Top 10 shouldn't change that much but Vic should fall as a result of its loss at UBC. No one played their way into the Top 10 although had York defeated Western they should have been added and Brandon with a bad loss at home should have been knocked out. Here's how I would vote if I had a vote:

1. Carleton
2. UBC
3. St. FX
4. Ottawa
5. Victoria
6. Concordia
7. Windsor
8. Brock
9. Cape Breton
10. Brandon

Looking forward to the new poll expected to be out later this week.


2needles said...

I don't have much time to post much but first of all, it's a great site. It's been frustrating the limited number of places one can discuss CIS hoops.

Some OUA thoughts:

I think that Windsor is legit. The Lancers have veteran players who are talented and coming together. The holiday tournaments/ex games will be a further test but I think they will keep their ranking and improve upon it.

Toronto does not deserve anyone's vote. Certainly there are some good players on that team but they haven't been showing it on the court during the regular season. An above-average team can be inconsistent but a good team must bring it every game and they have some bad losses. Finishing first and second in the OUA East is very important. Toronto's in a big hole that they can make up, but they'll have to be spot on.

York should rise. They've been defending their homecourt well without their best player (Tut Ruach) who will be back for the second half (right?). I thought they'd lose more than a few to start the season but Bain and Oliveri are back to their usual tricks. A veteran team - Eves and Foebel - who will get their sparkplug back for the stretch run. They aren't deep but they may be deep enough to repeat last year's feat.

Wilson Cup: Carleton over Windsor.

sager said...

A great blog whose time has come.