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Final 2006 Top 10, Jack Donahue Book + Other Stuff

I've been travelling and away from the computer for the last couple of days and despite CIS basketball having entered the holiday period, a number of topical items have been in the news lately. Enjoy today's blog which includes:

- Jack Donahue Biography available
- CIS adopts FIFA rules
- Final CIS Top 10 of 2006
- Numerous CIS stories from newspapers around the country
- Stories on Canada's top high school prospects

Jack Donohue Biography

Fellow Pollack Eddy Pomykala reports that Mike Hickey has authored a book on the life of Jack Donohue. Here's a note pilfered from Dale Stevens discussion list authored by Coach Pomykala

EXTRA! EXTRA! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!! My good friend and coaching
buddy, Mike Hickey has finally done it!! " DREAM BIG DREAMS"- The Jack
Donohue Story (360 pgs) has finally come out. It is filled with 33 chapters of the
Jack Donahue story complete with tale after tale of one of the greatest
coaches (people) in Canadian hoop circles. It is a must for anybody
connected with the game in Canada. It is retailing for $24.95. I'm not sure where it
will be distributed but you can always reach Mike at
to order your copy. I'm so excited I'm buying one for every player on my team!

As I've mentioned previously on this site, Mike is one of the 'real' good
guys in Canadian basketball. He is one of the most down to earth people you could
meet and his admiration for the late Coach D and his family inspired this
book. Please support this very worthy book written about a great man who helped inspire many of us to Dream big dreams!

CIS Adopts FIBA Rules

CP Article on CIS adopting FIBA rules

After much debate, this decision is absolutely the correct one for CIS basketball in my opinion. If we are to consider ourselves supporters of basketball on a global level, it is important to support the global standards which are defined by FIBA. The past few years have shown that international teams from South America and Europe are the equivalent of North American basketball in terms of talent and, arguably, South American and European players are consistently more fundamentally skilled in the game and play at it's purest level. As one coach mentioned to me a little while ago "it would be much more fun to be a coach in Europe than in the U.S." because of how well schooled Euros and S.A.'s are in the game and the negative impact on U.S. player's ability to properly play the game as a result of over-commercialization of American high school and college basketball. Watching teams like Argentina run their offence and even the early season flashes that the Euro-driven Raptors are showing (Rasho to Bargnani back door for the slam) is a pleasure for basketball purists. Playing FIBA rules is another step in aligning Canadian basketball with the global standard led by FIBA. Now that the CIS and Canada Basketball are aligned on the concept, let's hope implementation has been thought through and is done in an effective manner. Halifax Daily News FIBA rules article

CIS Final Top 10 for 2006

December 5, 2006

1. Carleton (1) 38 1st place votes 456 votes
2. UBC (2) 418 votes
3. St. Francis Xavier (4) 357 votes
4. Victoria (3) 342 votes
5. Ottawa (5) 310 votes
6. Concordia (7) 264 votes
7. Windsor (6) 233 votes
8. Brock (9) 170 votes
9. Brandon (8) 127 votes
10. Cape Breton (10) 120 votes
11. York (11) 57 votes
12. Alberta (14) 44 votes
13. Queen's (13) 10 votes
14. Toronto (12) 6 votes
15. Laval (NR) 3 votes

Next poll will be January 9, 2007.

40th Wesmen Classic tournament preview from Winnipeg Sun

McMaster Head Coach Joe Raso comments on his team's play this past weekend in Ottawa in the Hamilton Spectator Raso & Mac in Ottawa

Western Mustangs weekend recap article

Concordia Stingers review from student newspaper article

Another article on UBC/UVic from Vikes perspective Article

Brock Women's Team weekend review

Excellent Hamilton Spectator article on CIS Nationals in Ottawa with many solid quotes article

Great article/interview with former McGill standout Denburk "Burky" Reid, who is in his second year with ABA's Montreal Matrix Burky Reid Article

2 Junior National Team Players: Junior Cadougan, Olu Ashaolu article

Juevol Myles from West Hill Collegiate in Scarborough is attempting a rare double: winning prominent provincial high school football and basketball championships during his career. Can any of our readers offer others who may have achieved this difficult honour?

Two Sport Star

Greg Carter, the next great point guard from Ottawa St. Patrick's article by Wayne Kondro

Nice article on Vaughan Road big man Jared Mintz being recruited by York among others Article

Finally, thanks for the comments that have come in. Please keep them coming with suggestions if avaiable.

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