Friday, 21 December 2007

Good News on Jonathan Moscatelli

** NEW ** Greg Layson has this story well covered on his Big Man on Campus site; later today we should have access to his story scheduled to appear in the Guelph Mercury.

It appears as if there is some very good news on the Jonathan Moscatelli knee-injury front, which is a welcomed change from the past 3 or so years when it appeared that any news on the talented wing from Toronto Oakwood involved an injury that would keep him out of action. For those new to this site, Moscatelli (seen here being helped off the court after his latest injury) was a highly sought after high school star from Toronto who went to Guelph, only to injure his knee on the eve of training camp prior to his freshman season, forcing him to the operating table. Unfortunately, he injured the knee again and had to go under the knife for the second time; all in all, his missed two entire seasons of play. Finally healthy entering this season, Coach Chris O'Rourke eased Moscatelli into the lineup in the pre-season and then limited his minutes in league play, despite a stretch where Moscatelli made 11 of 12 three point shots over a three game period. Down the stretch of a very tight game against #1 Carleton in a game in which the Gryphons led by as many as 8 early in the fourth quarter, late in the game Moscatelli re-injured his knee and was again forced to the sideline and most feared the worst. After an MRI last week and subsequent tests, it has been determined that Moscatelli has a deep bone bruise and no significant damage to either the knee or his ACL. O'Rourke is not certain of a specific date of return but is comfortable predicting that Moscatelli will play again this season. The return of a healthy, productive Moscatelli further strengthens the Gryphons lineup adding depth to the wing position and another significant threat from the perimeter. Based on the first half of the season, there is no clear cut favorite in the OUA West, especially after most feared the worst from Moscatelli's injury. Assuming his healthy return, the Gryphs figure to be right there battling for the OUA West championship.

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