Sunday, 15 July 2007

CIS Comes Down on Acadia Men's Basketball

According to articles in both the Halifax Chronicle-Herald and the Halifax Daily News, Acadia University's men's basketball team will face fines and suspensions among other things resulting from the Axemen using an ineligible player early last season. Note that these indiscretions occured during former AD Dave McNally's time in office and are not related to new AD Brian Heaney. Here is Monte Mosher's article from the Chronicle-Herald CIS hits Acadia hard over eligibility issue and another note from the Halifax Daily News Axemen punished for using ineligible player

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Anonymous said...

I think the school and Berry especially got off easy.
McNally's punishment was token...if he was still the AD, stronger action would have been taken.
As it is, Acadia fans don't have to worry about his bumbling anymore...Brian Heaney is in town.