Thursday, 5 July 2007

Brandon Head Coach Posting

Brandon Athletic Director Rick Nickelchok sends in a quick note to advise that the Head Coaching position for men's basketball has been listed on the Brandon web site
Men's Basketball Head Coach - Term Position According to the description, the position has a term that expires in late April, 2008 and the deadline for applications is July 9th, 2007. The program hopes to have the new coach in place by July 16th, 2007. Although the timelines are tight, getting a new coach in place quickly is key for stability, allowing the new and returning players to know who is in charge sooner than later so the focus can be on the new season with certainty. David Larkins of the Brandon Sun offers his opinions on the situation in his latest blog entry yesterday More BU Babble

The Waterloo Record is reporting that former McMaster All-Canadian Christin Dickenson has been named the new women's head coach at Waterloo, replacing Manu Watsa who resigned to focus on his family (3 young children) and motivational speaking business. Dickenson spent the past few seasons playing professionally in Europe and takes over a team that upset her alma mater last season.

A nice story by Cam Tait from the Edmonton Journal about 75 year old Bob Sexsmith, still referring about 80 games per year and going strong Referee still keeps up with the kids at age 75
Bob Sexsmith's love for basketball has had him running the court for more than half a century

FIBA AMERICAS NEWS: Pepe Sanchez delivered Argentina coach Sergio Hernandez more bad news on Tuesday by announcing he would not play at the FIBA Americas Championship in Las Vegas. Sanchez joins NBAer's Manu Ginobili, Fabricio Oberto, Andres Nocioni and Walter Herrmann as Argentine's who have pulled out of the squad for this summer's FIBA Americas Olympic qualifier in Las Vegas. Sanchez, now 30, had a spell with the Golden State Warriors but is probably best remembered as a hard-nosed, sweet shooting guard playing for Don Chaney's Temple Owls in the late 1990's Pepe joins the withdrawals for Argentina

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Anonymous said...

After reading these articles it would appear that Brandon University may wish to reconsider the way it deals with its varsity basketball coaches.

The coach who is leaving has apparently been there for two years, and the article indicates he would have been required to go through a 'tenure process' this year. Additionally, he says he would have been expected to take on a significant teaching load in addition to his coaching responsibilities.

He's moving on to what appears to be a smaller school, with a much lower profile, for what he perceives to be a more reasonable workload and for family reasons.

There appears to be some terminological confusion here or at least misapplication of the terms.

"Tenure" is something which is earned by full time university professors who are hired on "tenure track" contracts. "Tenure" requires the "tenure track" professor or "assistant professor" to demonstrate a high level of performance in teaching, reasearch (publications) and service (committee work).

It is normally a five or six year process which ends in votes at the department and university administration levels.

Most university professors are now required to have earned doctorates before being hired or shortly after. They are full time teachers and researchers.

None of this has much to do with the responsibilities of a basketball coach.

A more appropriate appointment mechanism for a basketall coach would be a probationary or provisional, contract for one year, which can become permanent after that first year. The person could still be removed after that, with serverance paid.

An alternative, and perhaps better model, used in most US colleges, is the term contract -- often three to five years in length.

A basketball coach should not be considered a full time member of any university's faculty because he/she is not a professor nor should he/she be expected to teach a full load of university courses, or publish academic articles.

The basketball coach has quite different duties and performance metrics.

The use of the term "tenure" for any basketball coach only serves to confuse matters by applying a well established academic model where it doesn't fit.

A guy who coached in the CIS championship game has left now and the university is scrambling to find a replacement. There is not much they can do about that except to find the replacement. But under the circumstances they may also wish to reflect on the processes they are using to hire, compensate and evaluate their coaches.