Saturday, 4 December 2010

Laurentian 82, York 69

The Voyageurs took sole possession of third place in the OUA East with a comfortable win at home over the Lions, riding a 58 point second half.  After falling behind in the first quarter, the hot-shooting Vees exploded to grab leads as large as 26 in dominating the game.  York did get the game back to within 13 with 5 minutes remaining but could get no closer as Laurentian improved to 4-5 in conference play.

Laurentian coach Shawn Swords decided to shorten his bench considerably in this last game before the break, riding his three B.C. bred players for the entire game as second-year guard Manny Pasquale led all scorers with 25 points on 9-14 shooting while playing all 40 minutes.  Brother Isiah added 13 on 3-7 3's in 39 minutes and steady, tough 6'7" Mike Hull had 16 points and 9 rebounds in 40 minutes. 

York, which turned it over 19 times, got 16 from 6'4" Ostap Chioly, who played only 15 minutes but made 4 of 5 3's but turned it over 5 times.  The Lions got some production from their one-two punch of 6'10" Dejan Kravic (10 points, 6 rebounds, 4 blocks in 35 minutes) and 5'11" David Tyndale (15 points, 6-13 from the floor).  Laurentian's emerging 6'9" freshman Savaan Sheldon playing 30 minutes and finishing with 7 points and 9 boards, 7 of which were on the offensive glass as the Voyageurs outrebounded York 37-25.

OUA East Standings
Carleton 8-0
Toronto 6-2
Laurentian 4-5
York 3-6
Ottawa 2-6
Ryerson 2-6
Queen's 2-7
RMC 0-9


Anonymous said...

it is a shame that the game on ssn had "technical difficulties"...the box score I see on the oua website shows Sheldon only play 12 minutes and none of the BC players playing 40, but all the stats are correct...i think any night that you hold Kravic and Tyndale to just 25 points is a good night

Anonymous said...

After shocking the Ravens and upseting TO in the playoffs last year, a lot was expected from York this season.
So far, although their record is better overall, the Lions have been hugely disappointing.
With a number of east teams taking heavy graduation hits, notably Toronto (four seniors), Ottawa (JGB and Donnie G), Ryerson (Big Boris) and Queens (Mitch Leger and the Turk) many thought the talented and youthful Lions would step up and contend for second or at least third.
To be fair, the Lions were 3-5 after their tour of the tough OUA West, which is an improvement over the 1-7 record mark from last year.
Even so, York has had two problems that might ultimately preclude them from seriously contending in their division.
First, defensively they have been, with a few exceptions, pretty poor most nights with a hefty 83.2 average against.
Secondly, the Lions have had made more turnovers than a pastry shop, averaging just under 20 per game.
Cholly, Kravic and Tyndale are te worst offenders.
Can't win too many games with a TO count like that.

Anonymous said...

Tyndale still plays like he used to at the Mississaug YMCA, run down jack it and let everyone else play D.I guess the coaching change at York really didn't change anything, same thing every year.

Anonymous said...

How the hell Carleton lost to these guys last year is a mystery to me,
What did the Ravens do, shoot the ball into their own basket?
Carleton has pretty much owned York at the Tait over the years but it must have been one stinker to drop one to a next to last place team (at the time).
It's perfectly obvious York is hardly any better now than they were last year at this time.
I knew Oliveri was getting the job because he put in years as Bob's right hand man but really York needs a clean break from the Bain era; a fresh start from a new coach with a more innovative approach.
Oliveri is just the old regime warmed over...the same old same old, which towards the end, was really,really getting OLD.