Friday, 24 August 2007

Canada over Venezuela Articles

Doug Smith from the Toronto Star, although apparently not on site in Las Vegas, is still communicating his thoughts via a blog which, as you will read, are insightful. Note: The Toronto Star has chosen to use Canadian Press articles to cover Canada's quest to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. Pain for Canada discusses Andy Rautins injury to BOTH his ACL and MCL and Canada's chances for advancing to the second round. Low Point for Canada touches on Canada's apparent woes at the point.

Mike Ganter of the Toronto Sun reports from Las Vegas that Canada Head Coach is miffed by a few issues with FIBA, probably the primary one being the lack of a pre-game warm up for players Rautins Sr. gets riled by FIBA: After seeing son Andy tear a knee, coach tears a strip out of world governing body's procedures here is Ganter's report on last night's win over Venezuela Dalembert delivers Canada elusive win

Matthew Sekeres from the National Post contributes his thoughts on Canada's victory over Venezuela Dalembert Delivers Win

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