Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mike Koreen article on Steph Barrie's hiring

Mike Koreen of the Kingston Whig-Standard has an excellent piece on Steph Barrie's hiring including quotes from last season's interim Duncan Cowan and some clues as to how Barrie will approach his new position.


Anonymous said...

I guess this rules out Cowan for the full time assistant job...unless he was able to swing a Joe Raso type arrangement with Frontenac, I can understand why he was reluctant to give up the security of a teaching job for the uncertain world of university coaching.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard Cowan was more than likely going to be offered the position and then pulled his name out of consideration. Apparently he has been extremely classy throughout this entire situation and very helpful in making the transition for Berry much easier. I was disappointed to hear that Cowan pulled his name as I think he had quite the recruiting class coming in. Selfishly it is Sad for this small town, Ontarian to see Vince Dufort commit to Mcgill. If Cowan had stayed, Vince would be a Gael. I think Queen's could not have gone wrong with either candidate as they both are extremely qualified and more than capable but in very different ways. I am excited to see where this new era of Queen's basketball is headed.

Anonymous said...

Duncan was reluctant to commit to a full time coaching position with Queen's because it would have meant giving up the stability of his teaching job at Frontenac and, down the line, the lucrative pension that goes with it.
No doubt he had the skills to do the job but bottom line was long term financial security for his family.
While this might hurt the program in the short term with regards to recruits, in the long run Barrie will prove his worth.