Thursday, 24 May 2007

Nykamp Resigns from Canada Basketball

Reports indicate that Canada Basketball Executive Director Fred Nykamp has resigned his post to pursue a position in another Canadian sport-related organization. Apparently, Nykamp announced his resignation to his staff earlier this week and Canada Basketball will hold a press conference later today to officially announce the resignation. Nykamp's move comes on the eve of a very important summer for Canada's national program which is trying to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics at this summer's FIBA Americas tournament in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more on this story as information becomes available.

Here is a link to a Canadian Press note on Nykamp's resignation and announcement as President of the Canadian Soccer Association Fred Nykamp leaving Canada Basketball to take over Soccer Canada

Out of Left Field's Neate Sager chimes in with his thoughts on the Nykamp resignation Shake up at Canada Basketball

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