Friday, 13 March 2009

Calgary / Concordia In-Game Notes

Calgary wins 76-67 led by the Bekkering brothers and Tyler Fidler. Decisive 34-8 run bridging second and third quarters led by Ross Bekkering on the glass and Henry defensively were the difference makers. Dal/UBC next.

FOURTH QUARTER The Dinos seemed to have withstood the run, going on a 6-0 run punctuated by Ross Bekkering's follow slam after a miss by Robbi Sihota. Calgary now up 12 after Sihota hits from baseline. Concordia had 2 open looks at 3's with it still a game but couldn't knock them down. Bekkering follow no wup 14.

Henry Bekkering ended a 14-2 Stinger run with a power move inside off an in-bounds play and Concordia threw the ball away on the next possession. Timeout Calgary with 4:47 remaining and Dinos up 62-56. Calgary lost their focus defensively up 17 and then struggled with their decision making with the ball.

Calgary struggling with their decision making trying to close out this game including an early shot clock ill-advised 3. Jamie Clark's 3 jsut brought the Stingers to within 4... it's getting exciting !

Stingers have engineered a 9-2 run to start the fourth quarter with some transition scores and sloppy Calgary "o". Dinos have their starters back in the game after a timeout up 9 with 7:23 remaining.

THIRD QUARTER Calgary coach Dave Vanhooren has gone deep into his bench as his team has stretched their lead to 16 at 58-42 after three quarters.

Henry Bekkering just completed an old-fashioned 3 point play to give Calgary their largest lead at 55-39 and the Dinos are riding a 34-8 run since falling behind by 10 with about 5 minutes left in the second quarter. Concordia is simply overmatched physically as the taller, longer Dinos have their way at both ends.

Dinos are stretching it out leading 48-34 as undersized Concordia simply cannot find anything offensively. Dinos length and activeness on the glass has rendered the Stingers unable to get any type of good shots off. Their only points this half were on a careless Dino turnover in bounding the ball.

All appears well in Dino land as Calgary has authored an 11-2 run to start the second half; the run includes two slams off scrambles by Ross Bekkering and a transition dunk by Robbie Sihota off a slick feed from Tyler Fidler. 43-34 Calgary.

Calgary's size really starting to make a difference as Concordia having trouble passing over their bigs and Dinos pounding it inside. Gallier just picked up his third and will have to sit down with Stingers down 39-34 and 7:11 left in the third.

FIRST HALF STATS: Henry Bekkering had 12 to lead all scorers including two dunks while brother Ross had 7 including one dunk on a putback. Dwayne Buckley had 8 and Jamal Gallier 6 to lead the Stingers. Calgary outrebounded Stingers 20-16 and had 7 "o" boards, probably 5 of them in the last 5 minutes. ConU 0-8 from 3; this needs to improve especially against Calgary's zone. Calgary 3-6 f.t.s; Dinos have 11 to's but only 2 in the second quarter.

HALFTIME: Calgary 32, Concordia 32 as the Dinos end the half on a 11-1 run to tie the score. Much more energy by Calgary, especially defensively protecting the paint.

SECOND QUARTER Dinos starting to wear down the Stingers a little 32-28 as Bekkering finally emerged defensively with an impressive swat and Calgary getting much more active on the offensive glass. The Dinos coaching staff and some of their players are starting to wear a bit on the officials as thus far virtually no call has been accepted. From my perspective, the game has been very well officiated - what has got Calgary back in the game is that they are playing harder and are much more active. ConU 32, Calgary 30.

Three things are most evident: most importantly, Concordia are not only holding their own on the glass at both ends, they are outrebounding the Dinos significantly. As well, Concordia is much more active getting to loose balls and is basically playing harder than Calgary right now. As well, I was expecting much more of a defensive presence from the Calgary bigs than they are producing. Concordia has been able to slice their way to the rim several times and the Stingers have several "o" boards. Concordia's fouls are starting to pile up however. Concordia 31, Calgary 24 with 3:44 left in the half.

Maybe Calgary's most compete and certainly underrated player Robbie Sihota is saddled with 2 fouls forcing Dinos Head Coach Dave Vanhooren to go deeper into his bench than maybe he wanted to. Concordia outrebounded Calgary in the first quarter and continues to hold their own on the glass, giving up only 2 "o" boards. Concordia 25, Calgary 17 7:20 left.

Concordia continuing to hold their own on their defensive glass despite a significant size disadvantage. Bekkering just slammed home his second ally oop of the game however Calgary down 9. Concordia having their way getting the ball inside and beating Dinos down the floor. 6'5" Evans Laroche has started strong.

FIRST QUARTER: Henry Bekkering just slammed home an ally oop feed from Jamie MacLeod but Dinos trail 12-9 early as Concordia has limited Dinos one shot and scored in the half court. Bekkering again just displayed his off the charts athleticism 14-10 Stingers.

Great to see a pair of ex-Stinger stars on the Concordia sidelines as former All-Canadian Emerson Thomas and burly Ernie Rosa assist Stingers Head Coach John Dore.

Stiners are simply playing harder and smarter than Calgary; 23-10 Stingers - after one quarter ConU 23, Calgary 14. After a 5-0 start that had the Dinos bench excited, ConU went on a 23-5 run. Both teams pressing 3/4 court and then falling back into a zone. Not surprising for Calgary given their size but the Stingers are more of a pressing team by nature - maybe holding something back until later ?

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