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CIS Pre-Season Tournaments & Exhibitions 2007

While some teams have started playing pre-season games against CCAA schools and/or participating in scrimmages, we are still about 2 weeks away from the unofficial kickoff to the 2007-08 CIS Men's Basketball season on Thanksgiving weekend. Here is a comprehensive schedule of this season's CIS tournaments and non-conference games on a weekend-by-weekend basis (NOTE: All Games listed are Eastern Time - schedule subject to changes/corrections).

Thanksgiving Weekend (Thurs. Oct. 4th through Sunday, Oct. 7th)
Oct. 4th Memorial at McGill 7 PM (non-conference)
Oct. 4th Laurentian at Algonquin 8:30 PM (non-conference)
Oct. 4th Lakeland vs. Saskatchewan 9 PM (non-conference/neutral site)
Oct. 5th & 6th Concordia NIKE Classic: (2 day/2 game tournament)
Concordia, Memorial, Laurier, Laurentian
Oct. 5th Acadia vs. SMU at Moncton 6:30 PM (non-conference)
Oct. 6th American International at Bishop’s 7:00 PM (U.S. NCAA Exhibition)
Oct. 7th American International at UQAM 1:00 PM. (U.S. NCAA Exhibition)

Weekend of Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14th
Oct. 12th Laurier at Laurentian (non-conference)
Mickey Place Tournament at UPEI
UPEI vs. Laval, Brock vs.Cape Breton
Laval vs. Cape Breton; UPEI vs. Brock
UPEI vs. Cape Breton; Laval vs. Brock
House-Laughton Classic at Carleton
Oct. 12 Guelph vs. Dalhousie 6:00 p.m.; UQAM vs. Carleton 8:00 p.m.
Oct. 13 UQAM vs. Dalhousie 6:00 p.m.; Guelph vs. Carleton 8:00 p.m.
Oct. 14 Guelph vs. UQAM 12:00 p.m.; Dalhousie vs. Carleton 2:00 p.m.
Redbird Classic at McGill
Oct. 12 6 PM Windsor vs. Bishop’s; 8 PM York at McGill
Oct. 13 5 PM Bishop's vs. York; 7 PM Windsor at McGill
Oct. 14 2 PM Windsor vs. York; 4 PM Bishop's at McGill
Naismith Classic at Waterloo
Oct. 12 6 PM Toronto vs. McMaster; 8 PM Waterloo vs. Calgary
Oct. 13 6 PM Calgary vs. McMaster; 8 PM Toronto at Waterloo
Oct. 14 2 PM Toronto vs. Calgary; 4 PM McMaster at Waterloo
Thompson Rivers Desert Classic (starts Thursday 11th)
Oct. 11 8:30 PM Lethbridge vs. AIA; 10:30 PM Quest vs. TRU
Oct. 12 8:30 PM Quest vs. AIA; 10:30 PM Lethbridge vs. TRU
Oct. 13 4:30 PM Lethbridge vs Quest; 7:30 PM AIA vs. TRU
Brandon Super 8 Tournament (starts Thursday 11th)
Oct. 11 7 PM Saskatchewan vs Simon Fraser; 9 PM Brandon vs. Lakehead
Oct. 12 7 PM Lakehead vs. Simon Fraser; 9 PM Saskatchewan at Brandon
Oct. 13 7 PM Saskatchewan vs Lakehead; 9 PM Brandon vs. Simon Fraser
Pembina Chrysler Tournament (Winnipeg)
Oct. 12 Manitoba vs. Concordia; Winnipeg vs. UCFV
Oct. 13 Manitoba vs. UCFV; Winnipeg vs. Concordia
Stu Aberdeen Challenge in Atlantic Canada
Oct. 12 5 PM Victoria at St. Francis Xavier
Oct. 12 5 PM Ryerson at St. Mary’s
Oct. 13 5 PM Ryerson at Acadia
Oct. 13 5 PM Victoria at Saint Mary's
Oct. 14 11 AM Victoria at Acadia
Oct. 14 1 PM Ryerson at St. FX
RMC/Queen’s hosting non-conference games
Oct. 12 8 PM Paul Smith College (NAIA Sunrise Conference) at Queen’s
Oct. 12 6 PM UNB at RMC
Oct. 13 6 PM UNB at Queen’s
Oct. 13 8 PM Paul Smith College (NAIA Sunrise Conference) at RMC
Oct. 14 11:30 AM Paul Smith College (NAIA) vs. UNB at RMC

Weekend of Thursday, October 18 through Sunday, October 21st
Oct. 18 10 PM Lethbridge at Western Montana (non-conference)
Oct. 19 10 PM Lethbridge at Carroll College (non-conference)
Oct. 19 Calgary at Montana Tech (non-conference)
Oct. 20 Calgary at Carroll College (non-conference)
Oct. 20 10 PM Lethbridge at Montana State Northern (non-conference)
Oct. 20 3 PM Concordia at St. Lawrence College (Kingston)
Jack Donohue Memorial Tournament at uOttawa
Ottawa vs. Laval; Brock vs. St. Francis Xavier
Brock vs. Laval; X vs. Ottawa
Laval vs. X; Ottawa vs. Brock
Eric Garland Tournament at UNB
First Round: RMC vs. Acadia; Bishop’s vs. UPEI, Western vs. SMU, Manitoba vs. UNB
Guy Vetrie Memorial Tournament at University of Victoria
Oct. 19 8 PM Carleton vs. Brandon; 10 PM Alberta at Victoria
Oct. 20 8 PM Carleton vs. Alberta; 10 PM Brandon at Victoria
Oct. 21 2 PM Brandon vs. Alberta; 5 PM Carleton at Victoria;
Huskie Invitational at Saskatchewan (starts Thursday)
Oct. 18 7 PM Regina vs. Lakehead; Memorial at Saskatchewan 9 PM
Oct. 19 7 PM Lakehead vs. Memorial; Regina at Saskatchewan 9 PM
Oct. 20 7 PM Memorial vs. Regina; Lakehead at Saskatchewan 9 PM
Dalhousie tour of Ontario
Oct. 18 7 PM Dalhousie at Laurier
Oct. 19 7 PM Dalhousie at Ryerson
Oct. 20 8 PM Dalhousie at York
McGill Tour of Kingston
Oct. 19 7 PM McGill at St. Lawrence College
Oct. 20 2 PM McGill at Queen's
University of Toronto Tour of British Columbia
Oct. 18 10 PM Toronto at Simon Fraser
Oct. 19 4 PM Toronto at UBC
Oct. 20 7 PM Toronto at Fraser Valley
Winnipeg Tour of Ontario
Oct. 19 7 PM Winnipeg at McMaster
Oct. 20 tbd Winnipeg at Guelph

Weekend of Thursday, October 25 through Sunday, October 28th
Regina Tour of Montana
Oct. 25 Regina at Carroll College (Helena, Montana)
Oct. 26 Regina at MSU-Northern Tournament (Havre, Montana)
Oct. 27 Regina at MSU-Northern Tournament (Havre, Montana)
Laval Tournament
Laval vs. UNB; Laurentian vs. St. Mary's
Laval vs. St. Mary’s; Laurentian vs. UNB
Laval vs. Laurentian; St. Mary’s vs. UNB
Golden Bear Invitational at University of Alberta (Oct. 25-27)
Alberta, York, Ottawa, Waterloo
RMC Tour of Manitoba
Oct. 25 RMC at Winnipeg
Then Applebee’s Alumni
Oct. 26 RMC at Manitoba 8:30 PM
Oct. 27 RMC at Manitoba 8:30 PM
Western Tournament (Oct. 26/27/28)
Western, Queens, McGill and UPEI
Laurier Tournament (Oct. 26/27)
Laurier, Windsor, Bishop's and Cape Breton
University of Lethbridge Alumni Invitational
Lethbridge, Ryerson, Saskatchewan, Rocky Mountain College (NAIA, Billings, MT)
Oct. 25 Lethbridge vs. Rocky Mt; Saskatchewan vs Ryerson
Oct. 26 Saskatchewan at Lethbridge; Ryerson vs. Rocky Mt.
Oct. 27 Saskatchewan vs Rocky Mountain; Lethbridge vs. Ryerson
Dalhousie, Cape Breton, Memorial & St. FX Tour of Ontario
Oct. 25 Memorial at Guelph 7:30 PM
Oct. 25 Cape Breton at Brock 7:30 pm
Oct. 26 Memorial at McMaster
Oct. 26 St. Francis Xavier at Brock 7:30 pm
Oct. 26 Dalhousie at Toronto
Oct. 27 Dalhousie at Guelph 2:00 PM
Oct. 27 Memorial at Toronto
Oct. 27 St. FX at McMaster
Oct. 28 St. FX at Toronto 1:00 PM
Oct. 28 Cape Breton at Guelph 2:00 PM
Oct. 28 Memorial at Brock 2:00 PM
Oct. 28 Dalhousie at McMaster 3:00 PM
Lakehead at North Dakota tournament

Oct. 29th through early November: CIS vs. U.S. Schools (non-conference games)
Oct. 29 Carleton at Louisville
Oct. 31 Ottawa at UNC-Charlotte
Oct. 31 Concordia at Vermont 7 PM
Oct. 31 UQAM at Maine Fort Kent 8 PM
Oct. 31 Brock at Air Force 9 PM
Nov. 1 UQAM at Maine 8 PM
Nov. 1 McMaster at D’Youville College (Buffalo N.Y.)
Nov. 1 Ottawa at UNC-Wilmington
Nov. 1 Laval at Weber State 9 PM
Nov. 1 Brock at Colorado 9 PM
Nov. 2 Toronto vs. Daemen College 8 PM
Nov. 2 Laval at Brigham Young Utah 9 PM
Nov. 2 Carleton at Providence 7:30 PM
Nov. 2 Concordia at Northern Arizona 10 PM
Nov. 2 Dalhousie at Univ. of Maine
Nov. 2 McMaster at Mansfield University (Mansfield PA)
Nov. 3 Toronto vs. Daemen College 2 PM
Nov. 3 Laval at Utah State 9 PM
Nov. 3 Queen's at St. Lawrence (Canton, NY) 4 PM
Nov. 3 McMaster at Lock Haven University (Lock Haven PA)
Nov. 3 Waterloo at St. John Fisher Rochester, NY 3 PM
Nov. 4 Carleton at Boston College 2 PM
Nov. 4 Laval at Maine
Nov. 4 Concordia at Arizona 5 PM ET
Nov. 4 Windsor at Oakland (MI) 7 PM ET
Nov. 5 Concordia at Rhode Island 7 PM ET
Nov. 7 Concordia at Maryland 7 PM ET

November 2nd, 3rd, 4th
28th Annual NIKE St. FX Invitational: X, UPEI, Cape Breton, St. Mary's
Nov. 2 UQAM at UNB (Woodstock H.S.) 8 PM

December Non-Conference, Tournament Schedule
Dec. 8 Manitoba at North Dakota State College of Science* 7:30 PM Wahpeton, ND
Dec. 9 Manitoba at Jamestown College* 7:00 PM Jamestown, ND
Dec. 17 Trinity Western at Westmont 11 PM
Dec. 20 Trinity Western at Concordia-Portland 10 PM
Dec. 28 Thompson Rivers at Lewis Clark State 10 PM
Dec. 29 Thompson Rivers at Lewis Clark State 2 PM
Dec. 30 Thompson Rivers at Whitman College 2 PM
Holiday Tournaments
Wesmen Classic at Winnipeg: Brock, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Brandon, RMC, Calgary, Acadia, Minot State
Rod Shovellor Memorial Tournament Dec.28-30: Dalhousie, Ottawa, Concordia, Laurentian, Laurier, St. Francis Xavier, St. Mary's, UNB
Ed Dearmon Memorial Tournament at Ryerson Ryerson, Laval, Toronto, McGill, Lakehead, Western
Lethbridge Tour of Montana
Dec. 28/29 Rocky Mountain College Tournament; Teams TBA in Billings, Montana
Dec. 30 at University of Great Falls Great Falls, Montana
Regina, Victoria in Arizona
Dec 28, 12:00pm Regina vs. Victoria at Phoenix, AZ
Dec 29, 10:00am Victoria vs. Trevecca Nazerene at Phoenix, AZ
Saskatchewan and Carleton at Broward Community College (BCC) Tournament (Florida)
Dec. 29 Indian River CC vs Globe NY TBA , Broward vs Saskatchewan TBA
Dec. 30 IRCC vs Saskatchewan, Miami Dade vs Carleton, BCC vs Globe
Dec. 31 Miami Dade vs Globe, Carleton vs BCC

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