Thursday, 8 March 2007

Ryerson's Recent Changes: More Articles

Thanks to an anonymous contributor who provided a series of links to articles from "Ryersonline", Ryerson University's School of Journalism on-line portal and the "Eyeopener", Ryerson's campus newspaper.

Meghan Hurley writes about the current situation facing Ryerson coaches with an interim Athletic Director in place on Creery Silent Coaches Cope

Scott Valentine's articles on which orginally appeared on February 28th, 2007 Creery Silent Coaches Cope PLUS Rye Dumps Sports Administrators

Melissa Dunne's article that appeared in late January on about Sandra Pothier, Ryerson's women's basketball coach B-Ball coach defends herself

Adam Button, Ryerson's former sports and recreation communications co-ordinator, wrote a piece that appeared in late February on Sports and Rec firings gutless

Amit Shilton's very well-balanced and well done piece originally published in the Eyeopener on Feb. 27/07 Rams to the slaughter

Grant McDonald reports on the "Master Plan" with reports from conversations with Ryerson President Sheldon Levy and others; as well, the article in the Eyeopener touches on the strong sentiment that appears to exist with regard to the terminations of Dubois and Haggerty A Master Plan for the Rams

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