Tuesday 20 October 2009

Greg Surmacz Update

Thanks to Coach Chris Oliver for providing a couple of links helping us keep up with the success that 6'8" Greg Surmacz, former Windsor All-Canadian, is having in his professional career in Poland. Surmacz progresses once again shows that top level CIS players can play professionally and succeed.

Surmacz's team is unbeaten and by all accounts Greg is contributing. He says he is having an adjustment going from being our first offensive option to being a third or fourth option but otherwise is enjoying the challenge of playing the 3 spot internationally. Also in this link (at the 2:20 mark) is a the pep rally for his team as their are introduced to their fans. His team's first three games and box scores are available by following this link.

I encourage readers to share similar success stories of former CIS players playing abroad.

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