Thursday, 23 September 2010

Newest Jim Thomas Report

Jim offers his opinions on Guelph's recruiting class, Clinton Springer-Williams, McMaster, Carleton and the newest point guard at Ryerson.

Thomas Report


Anonymous said...

Jim's report is factually wrong Guelph has not added 12 new players...If you check barry hayes sight there are numerous teams that have added anywhere from 8-10 new players..Guelph is no different.

Anonymous said...

Actually if you look at Barry Hayes Hoopstars page there are 7 teams with 8 or more recruits listed! Calgary,Sask,Wind,Conc,McGill,Dal and Mem....and I checked quelph has 10. And there is quite a few at 7 new players. Perhaps Jim should get someone to proof read as well as do the math for him. If your going to paint the picture do it with all pieces..

Anonymous said...

OK so he was off by two...tsk, tsk.
Ten new players being ushered onto a basketball team (active roster limit 15)
IS a lot of players to bring in one academic year, even if there maybe seven other teams with eight or more recruits listed.
The overwhelming majority of CIS schools have far less recruits than that coming in.
The point he is trying to make is, unless these teams plan to cut some veterans loose, a lot of these rookies are going to have to red shirt.
Bringing that many bodies in one year for any program is unusual and unless there are a lot of players slated to graduate within the next couple of years, the situation could get mighty uncomfortable in a hurry.
Now as far as Jim getting a might want to turn on your own spell check.
It's Barry Hayes' site, not "sight" and its Guelph, not "quelph"...just sayin'.

critic said...

Is Ross Quackenbush out of his cotton pickin' mind?
Taking on Ryan Christie with his rep, er rap?
Is he THAT desperate?
I don't think I am overstating the case by saying the Christie fiasco was a major factor in McMaster dumping Joe Raso after 18 years.
This guy literally IS a coach killer!

Anonymous said...

1. Kareem Malcolm 6’0” G (transfer/Sheridan College; 18.6 ppg in 2009-10)
2. Zach Angus 6’1” G (transfer/Western; 3.5 ppg in 2009-10)*
3. Kevin Cameron 6’6” F (transfer/Windsor; 6.4 ppg in 2008-09)
4. Jerald Greenidge 6’5” F (transfer/Sheridan College; 5.7 ppg in 2005-06)
5. Geoge Mason 5’11” G (Toronto, ON/St. Michael’s)
6. Youri Mutamba 5’11” G (St. Catharines, ON/Denis Morris)
7. Andrew Beney 6’6” F (Waterloo, ON/Bluevale)
8. Michel Clark 6’1” G (Burlington, ON/Nelson)
9. Mike Dulmage 6’7” F (Brantford, ON/North Park)
10. John Atkinson 6’4” F (Aurora, ON/Aurora)
11. Duncan Reid 6’9” C (returning; 0.9 ppg in 2008-09)

I cut and pasted this list DIRECT from Barry Hayes...count 'em ELEVEN players.
Thomas was off by were you anon 10:17

With 11, Guelph has the biggest recruiting class in Canada.
Most teams in the CIS had a recruiting class less than half of that.